Whitley Bay & District consists of 11 Scout Groups taking in both boys & girls aged between 10½yrs and 14yrs old.

Balanced Programme
Both our Sea Scouts and Land Scouts take part in a balanced programme which is split into six different programme zones (beliefs and attitudes; community; fit for life; creative expression; global; and outdoor and adventure). The programme is delivered using ten different methods. Over a period of time Scouts will take part in activities which cover all of the zones and make use of all of the different methods, but with approximately 50% of the programme falling within the outdoor and adventure zone.
When a young person joins the Scout Troop he or she will start by working towards the Scout Membership Award. This involves learning about the Troop and knowing the Scout Promise and Law and other rules of the Troop. The young person will also need to show that they know about Scouting more generally and that they know the Scout Motto, Sign, Salute and Handshake. He or she will usually attend several meetings before being invested as a Scout.
After a Scout has been invested they can start working towards the nine Challenge Awards which complement the balanced programme. If a Scout completes eight Challenges (six core challenges plus two additional outdoor based challenges) they earn the Chief Scout’s Gold Award, the highest award available to Scouts.
Scouts can also work towards sixty-nine different activity badges and six different staged activity badges as well as three awards in association with other sections in the Group.
Scouts can also earn Joining In Badges to show how long they have been a part of the Scout Movement and a Moving On Award when they continue to Explorers.

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