The District Team

Michael Munro
Michael MunroDistrict Commissioner
I started my scouting journey as a Cub in the 6th Dartford Scout Group. On moving to the North East I joined 2nd Cramlington as a Scout, then becoming a Venture Scout. As an adult I continued my scouting in 2nd Cramlington as a Scout Leader and then as a Cub Leader. Early in 2000 I was also a Beaver leader in 3rd/5th Cramlington. More recently I have carried out the duties as ADC (Cubs) in Blyth Valley and then ACC (Cubs) in Northumberland .

I have also been a member of the of the County Appointments Committee and the County Executive.

Since February 2014 it has been my great privilege and honour to be the District Commissioner for Whitley Bay and District.

Karen Smith
Karen SmithADC Beavers
I joined Scouts in 2007 taking up the role of Assistant Beaver Scout Leader at the 19th Whitley Bay, and I am still there now as Beaver Scout Leader. My involvement in the Scouting world started much earlier though, as I spent many hours watching Cub Football back in the late 80s and made a guest appearance in Tynemouth Gang Show in the days before girls were allowed to join.

Scouting has afforded me many opportunities to learn, make new friends and to travel (Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Iceland and more to come). I am committed to helping our youngest members start on their Scouting journey – who knows where it may lead them!

Tony Bennett
Tony BennettADC Cubs
I joined Whitley Bay & District Scouts in 2003 as a Young Leader, working within the Cub Section at the 19th Whitley Bay and the Scout section at the 6th Whitley Bay (St Mary’s) where I completed all of my YL training and volunteer work. My first official role as an adult was Assistant Scout Leader with the 6th Whitley Bay, later transferring to the Cub Section as Cub Scout Leader, taking this role over from Anne Lewis. Whilst I still do this role I am also Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts in Whitley Bay and have been for many years now.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenges each role brings and I am 100% committed to delivering a fun, safe Scouting experience for all of our young people.

Vacant ADC Scouts
This role is currently vacant and we are looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated adult leader to leader our Scout section across the district.
Paul Willis
Paul WillisExplorer Scout Commissioner
I was once asked when did I join Scouting – The answer is age 8 as a cub scout and nobody has said leave. So I’m still here, enjoying every moment. I have been a Scout leader, Group Scout leader. Assistant District Commissioner, District Commissioner, not necessarily in that order.

I am currently in the best job as District Explorer Scout Commissioner, working with a great team and lots of brilliant young people.

VacantNetwork Commissioner
This role is currently vacant and we are looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated adult leader to leader our Network Scout section across the district.