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A Brief History of MG Northumbria

MG Northumbria was formed in November 1993 when Tyne & Wear MG Owners Club was re-named.  We have been unable to discover when the previous club started, but in September 1985 it met in the premises of the Hadrian Motor Club on Newcastle Quayside and was being run by Adele McIntyre. In subsequent years it led a somewhat nomadic existence, meeting at the South Northumberland Cricket Club in Gosforth, the Gosforth Hotel where it has been noted only about a dozen people attended, the Holystone pub in North Tyneside, briefly at Sloanes Wine bar near Newcastle Civic Centre then back again to the Holystone.  Sometime in 1989 Mrs McIntyre left the area and Chris Wilson took over running the club with Wendy Bingham as secretary.

In 1993 the members decided they wished the club to be more formally run by a democratically elected committee and Chris Wilson stepped down.  One of the first actions of this new committee was to change the name to MG Northumbria to reflect the wider area of the growing membership.

As the membership continued to grow, larger premises were needed and in April 1996 Brian Smith, a member of this club, was asked to write to Backworth Welfare where he was also a member, to discuss the possibility of us meeting there. He received a positive response from the Welfare Chairman with the suggestion that we provide a car park steward to prevent vandalism. Following a committee meeting it was agreed to move and the first meeting was held at Backworth on 3/7/96. Social membership was then £4 and it was agreed members would park at their own risk.

By the mid 1990s membership numbers were consistently between 85 and 95, plus spouses or partners, and a wide variety of activities took place including scenic runs, navigation rallies, hill climbs and classic car shows.  In 2001 Derek Pickering formed Durham MGOC which inevitably resulted in a loss of members from south of the Tyne.  Membership numbers from then on were fairly stable in the 70s, but in the last few years after widening membership to include all classic owners it has grown to over 100 and continues to thrive.