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Quarry Centre Disruption

Dear Leaders and Supporters of Whitley Bay Scouts

You will have noticed the many Lumsden & Carroll/Northumbrian Water work-sites within the area (the playing fields next to the 5th’s HQ, Burnside Road, Eskdale Terrace, top of Monkseaton Drive etc) – and recently the plant site next to the Quarry Centre (within the large green metal fence). 

We have now been advised that the work at the Quarry Centre will commence next week, Monday 24th April, and although we have been quoted six weeks, we realise that this is probably a bit optimistic.  Some trees have already been felled to allow access, via the bottom left hand corner of our grass (as you look down at if from our building).  A secure fence will be erected across our grass, allowing for some play-area to remain and a roadway will be laid behind this fence.  As yet we do not know exactly how much of the grassed area will be fenced off.

Apparently a tunneling machine will start within the green-fenced area on the Broadway and will move underground to the man-hole situated at the lower right corner within our grounds.  Until they start the work, it is unknown if the man-hole will need to be enlarge or rebuilt. 

For any groups planning to use the Quarry Centre over the next few months, please be aware that the outside area, although still safe to use, will be reduced in size! 

Louise Godlington


Whitley Bay District Scouts