REUNION – 1st/7th – Wide Game

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REUNION – 1st/7th – Wide Game

14 July 2017


REUNION – Could you solve the puzzle?

We decided to set a puzzle loosely based on the artwork from the 80’s book ‘Masquerade’ by Kit Williams. Armed only with four fiendishly difficult picture clues (provided in advance) and an A-Z, four scout teams from 1st/7th Whitley Bay Sea Scouts set off to find a start location ‘somewhere in Newcastle’.

On arrival, they were given a further set of clues to get them to an end point where the full troop could re-unite – the first team with a full set of answers (and photos to prove it) at the reunion point would win. As ever, there were twists, turns and moral dilemmas to face en-route, before Team Aveyard came in, breathless but victorious, and only seconds before Team Platt.  Here’s the troop listening to the results at the end point and a photo of the victorious team halfway through, looking very relaxed.

Well done to all of the scouts that participated, and a thank you to the leaders and marshalls that helped make the night a success.

If any other Scout troop would like to run a similar evening session, contact Shelley Peterson, GSL, 1st/7th.