Cub Chess Competition

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Cub Chess Competition

29 June 2017


Last night saw the return of the John Tate District Cub Chess competition at the Quarry Centre.

This event was well supported by groups across the district. Cubs from the 5th,6th, 8th,18th and 21st took part.

The event was a great success with the games being very competitive, Cubs fought hard to beat each other and with one Cub taking on the District Commissioner! (Although the DC won, the Cub stood his ground and gave a good fight!).

1st Place – 5th Whitley Bay

2nd Place – 6th Whitley Bay

3rd Place – 18th Whitley Bay

4th Place – 21st Whitley Bay

Thank you to those who helped make the competition happen and to Mike Mason for doing a fantastic job!

We look forward to next year!